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About Girls Rising

We're a nonprofit based in San Diego that empowers young women through a mentorship sisterhood. Our program aims to build strong, empowering relationships through positive role-modeling and support for girls aged 8-17 and young women ages 18-24. Our programs are built on connection, education, personal development, and career growth.

Applications are open year-round and we are accepting applications for both Mentors and Mentees in San Diego County and Riverside County!

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Our Mission


The mission of Girls Rising is to empower girls from eight years of age to early adulthood through a sisterhood of mentorship and career readiness support.

Our Girls Rising Mentorship Program is built through example and community. We believe the value of mentorship is realized through positive modeling and support for girls aged 8-17 from San Diego and Riverside County areas with the greatest need.

Our program for young women between 18-24, Women Emerging, focuses on career readiness and personal development.


Our Programs

Mentorship Program

for girls ages 8-17
Our mentorship program serves girls from San Diego County, Riverside County, and Sandusky, OH communities that are historically underserved.

Women Emerging Program

for young women ages 18-24
Our program for young women focuses on career readiness and personal development.
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“One of my favorite things about the program is coming together with all the mentors and mentees and connecting as women. We are able to be open, raw, and vulnerable with one another. We grow and learn off each other and uplift one another just as divine women should. I love the program because it has brought me many opportunities and connections that I am very grateful for.”

Lana, Mentee

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Transform the lives of young women today.

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