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Mentorship Program

Our mentorship program is built through example and community. We believe the value of mentorship is realized through positive modeling and support for girls aged 8-17 from historically underserved communities.

We match our girls, or Mentees, with a Mentor that can provide support, guidance, and opportunities to help navigate social and economic barriers and meet their goals. Our Mentors encourage their Mentees through positive role-modeling and a consistent, 1-1 relationship.


Learning from a positive female role-model on also ensures they will be able to face challenges with confidence and will be empowered to think of a future without limits!


Become a Mentee

Join a sisterhood built on connection, education, personal development, and career growth!

Become a Mentor

Be a positive role model for the one Mentee you're matched with and cultivate her growth!

Mentor Outings

1-1 outings are based on mentor and mentee interests! Many matches enjoy going to the beach, seeing a movie, reading books, baking, going to lunch, hanging out at the park, and visiting museums.
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Program Benefits


Positive role modeling

Our mentors are positive and consistent role models

Personal development

We help our girls reach their personal goals

Events and activities

Our outings help girls develop supportive, key relationships

Tight-knit community

Our girls grow to feel a sense of belonging
Alyssa Testimonial.png

“Girls Rising program has given me the opportunity to become part of a community of very young ladies that thrive to become the better version of themselves by encouraging us to support each other in every possible way!

Alyssa, Mentee

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Events and Activities

Girls Rising provides 6-8 free events per year for mentors and girls that are centered around activities which build character, identity, and social skills.

"Being a mentor has enriched my life. I have received more from being a mentor than I could imagine. I enjoy spending time with my mentee. It is a different relationship where both of us learn from each other. Girl Rising provides a foundation to facilitate for our relationship to blossom."

Shelley, Mentor

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