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Our Events

We host events for program participants to foster new relationships and develop new skills.

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Our Pillars

These five pillars drive almost all of our events. We've hosted drum circles, empowerment workshops, museum visits, and art walks through Barrio Logan's murals, and encourage you to reach out to us to collaborate on a relevant initiative!

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Annual Career Day 

Registration opens Spring 2023!
Visit guest exhibitor tables and participate in interactive activities, such as resume-building workshops, mock interviews, and more. 

Annual Holiday Parties

Mentorship Program
Celebrate the holiday season with music, food, games, and cheer! We gift each mentee one gift she wants and one gift she needs.

Annual Camping Trips

Mentorship Program
In partnership with Outdoor Outreach, we host an annual overnight camping trip for our girls.

Other Get-Togethers!

All programs
We organize smaller activities throughout the year, including bowling and movie nights! Check out our social media to see what activities we're up to.

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Sponsors Catalyze Change

Our girls and young women create unforgettable memories, build relationships, and expand their toolkit through our events.
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