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Mentees ages

As a Mentor, understanding the developmental, social, emotional, and mental characteristics of your Mentee may help plan effective and enjoyable outings. This guide will help you tailor your interactions and activities to better support and connect with young girls aged 11-13.

General Characteristics

Activity Ideas for ages 11-13

Pre-teens in this age group are starting to develop their independence and social skills. They enjoy activities that challenge them intellectually and provide opportunities for social interaction.
  • Volunteer at the Humane Society or local animal shelter.

  • Make a list of people you admire – look them up on the internet.

  • Plan and plant a garden or visit a community garden.

  • Read and discuss an age-appropriate book to stimulate cognitive development through critical thinking and analysis and provide a platform for social interaction.

  • Attend a yoga class to promote relaxation and stress reduction.

  • Hike at a local nature reserve to encourage physical activity and foster appreciation for nature.

  • Volunteer at a local nonprofit or event to instill a sense of social responsibility and empathy.

  • Attend a arts & crafts session to foster creativity and self-expression.

  • Activities that promote relaxation and stress relief are beneficial.

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