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Mentees ages

As a Mentor, understanding the developmental, social, emotional, and mental characteristics of your Mentee may help plan effective and enjoyable outings. This guide will help you tailor your interactions and activities to better support and connect with young girls aged 14-17.

General Characteristics

Activity Ideas for ages 14-17

Teenagers in this age group are developing their sense of identity and often seek activities that allow them to explore their interests and express themselves.

  • Visit local art galleries or cultural festivals. These outings can provide teens with exposure to different forms of artistic expression and cultural diversity.

  • Look for workshops or events that focus on career exploration, such as job shadowing opportunities or industry-specific talks.

  • Encourage teens to bring a camera or smartphone and explore photography. Visit scenic spots or urban areas and let them capture their perspectives.

  • Arrange visits to local college campuses. Many colleges offer free tours that can inspire teens and help them start thinking about their future education.

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