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Mentees ages

As a Mentor, understanding the developmental, social, emotional, and mental characteristics of your Mentee may help plan effective and enjoyable outings. This guide will help you tailor your interactions and activities to better support and connect with young girls aged 8-10.

General Characteristics

Activity Ideas for ages 8-10

Children in this age group are typically curious, imaginative, and eager to learn. They enjoy hands-on activities and opportunities to explore their interests in a fun and engaging way.
  • Start a scrapbook with a page for pictures of favorite things

  • Go on a camera scavenger hunt to find odd objects to photograph

  • Make greeting, get well or holiday cards to give to special people

  • Read a selected book out loud and record it

  • Play Monopoly, Life, Sorry, Hangman

  • Visit to a Science Museum or Planetarium

  • Attend a craft workshop at the local library

  • Visit a zoo or animal sanctuary on a discount day

  • Play Miniature golf or go bowling

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